Depression, Anxiety, and Phobias

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Panic attacks and phobias

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health issues; suffering from either can create feelings of isolation and hopelessness. We address anxiety and depression by uncovering any underlying issues and collaborating to create a plan of action for improving your daily life.

While phobias and panic attacks can be symptoms of anxiety, depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. Sometimes when one symptom lifts, the other fills its place. Understanding the way these different mental issues relate to each other allows us to view your challenges in a holistic way and find the right solutions for you.

We believe that talk therapy is very effective for lifting depression or anxiety. However, when necessary, we are open to discussing medication options with you in session and exploring whether that is the right path for you. We do not prescribe medications at the Center, but we work closely with a psychiatrist who we can refer you to.