Parenting and Pregnancy Issues

– Abortion
– New mothers
– Infertility
– Postpartum depression
– Adoption
– Parenting and family issues
– Adolescent girls

Everyone knows there is no parenting manual. But there is also no infertility manual, no abortion manual, and no pregnancy manual– at least none that can capture all the complexities and nuances of what it means to go through becoming a parent, trying to conceive, or making the decision to wait. There is very little definitive writing on how these issues will affect your relationships with your spouse, your friends, your own parents, and the way you see the world. We also understand that, as a woman, starting a family or choosing not to can bring up personal identity issues.

It can be disheartening to feel anxious and upset when you are supposed to be excited about becoming a mother. It can be isolating to struggle through infertility treatments while your friends and siblings are getting pregnant with ease. It can be hard to stand by your decision to wait to start a family. It can be lonely to decide that having children is not the right course for you.

We work to guide you through the decision that is best for you– to find a way through all the confusion. Equally as important, we help you to mediate your relationships to ensure you have the personal support you need to flourish in your new situation.