Sexuality, Love, and Relationships

– Sexuality and sexual orientation
– Couples counseling
– Relationship issues
– Divorce
– Marriage

“The course of true love never did run smooth,” but we think that there are ways to make it a lot less bumpy. We work with couples and individuals to strengthen communication and break destructive patterns. Whether you want to save your relationship, or you’re ready to end it and need help telling your partner, seeking relationship therapy helps to bridge the communication gap.

When we are growing up, we learn to communicate like our family members. When we enter into an intimate relationship we have to learn an entirely new language in order to effectively communicate with a partner. This can cause frustration and misunderstanding. By examining the way you and your partner interact and where miscommunications occur, we can help you find more effective ways to express yourself and hear your partner. This can heal a relationship. It can also provide the groundwork to move forward from a breakup with mutual understanding and respect.

We believe that sexuality is more like a dialogue than a definition. We know that an individual’s sexuality is complex and that the fluid nature of a person’s attractions makes their sexuality unique. We work with women and men to integrate the different aspects their sexual selves without labeling or judging.

Whatever your reason for seeking help, we support your goals and will work to guide you towards them.